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EB-3 visa

The EB-3 visa is a proven pathway to secure permanent residency in the United States for skilled workers. At Pine Visa, our experienced team streamlines the EB-3 visa application process, guiding you every step of the way. We understand the complexities involved and ensure your application is prepared meticulously to increase your chances of success. Let us help you turn your American dream into a reality.
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  • #1 Visa Choice Among Workers Around the Globe
  • No Need for English Language Proficiency & Work Experience
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EB-5 visa

The EB-5 visa offers a unique opportunity to invest in the U.S. economy and secure a green card for you and your family. At Pine Visa, we help you navigate the EB-5 process with confidence, ensuring your investment meets all requirements and maximizes your chances of success. We help you identify and select suitable EB-5 projects aligned with your financial goals and immigration objectives.
  • Free Consultation & Step-by-Step Support
  • Investment Selection Assistance
  • This Visa is for High Net Worth Individuals
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About Pine Visa

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Pine Visa Services is by a team of passionate professionals with extensive experience and unwavering dedication in immigration and employment law. We bridge the gap between American employers seeking skilled and unskilled labor and aspiring foreign employees. Our mission is to empower individuals and address the needs of the U.S. job market.

By streamlining labor regulations and tackling labor shortages, we connect qualified candidates with businesses that need them. This not only benefits the employers seeking the right talent, but also aspiring foreign workers who can contribute their skills and talents to the U.S. economy. Ultimately, Pine Visa helps individuals achieve their American dream careers.

Employment Based EB-3 Visas What is the EB-3 Visa Program?

The EB-3 Visa Program, a third preference employment visa, grants permanent residency to skilled workers, unskilled workers, and professionals. It has less strict requirements than EB-1 and EB-2 visas but often longer wait times. Annually, 28.6% of employment green cards are allocated to EB-3, accounting for about 40,000 visas. Additionally, no more than 7% of EB-3 visas can go to applicants from any single country, leading to longer wait times for nationals from high-application countries like India and China. Despite potential delays, the EB-3 Visa Program is a valuable pathway to achieving permanent residency in the U.S. through employment.

Find Out if You Qualify for EB-3 Visa Processing

Check Your Eligibility for EB-3 Visa Processing with Pine Visa! Our expert team will assess your qualifications and guide you through the process of determining your eligibility for the EB-3 Visa. Take the first step towards your American dream today.

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I really wanted to live a foreign life but had no idea how to get started. The lists of processes and cost made even more hopeless. Then I came to know about Pinevisa with so organized procedures and reasonable costing. I can finally start one step at a time and achieve my dream.

Nguyen Nhat

While researching there were lots of visa options and categories which made me more confused and it took a lot of time but Pine Visa made the processing a lot easier. I got a proper clarity upon the type of visa and its process that is suitable for me. Genuinely a great help.

Derek Dee

One of the most convenient platforms / have ever come across. I can now avoid all the lengthy process of running after visa processing. Pinevisa got me and my American dream all covered. Thank You!

Ahmed Abbas

Pinevisa has been a central in helping me better understanding the visa admission and has assured me that I can properly reach to my destination. I have been able to close the gaps between my actual knowledge and the real process through Pinevisa.

Deepak Pudasaini
Need help For a Visa interview ?